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Alien: Covenant Prologue

The Crossing, an official prologue short to Alien: Covenant, reveals what happened to crew members Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and the synthetic David after the events of Prometheus. Set aboard an abandoned Engineer vessel, Dr....


No Need

On this night, spare a thought for the hundreds of charities that aren’t deemed worthy by the BBC of a dedicated evening of television, lots of advertising on television, radio, internet and print in...



Prometheus watchers may find that this looks familiar. It is a H.R. Giger design for a production of ‘Dune’ that was never filmed. Salvador Dali was also involved in the concept designs for the...

Dali’s Destino 0

Dali’s Destino

Between 1945 and 1946, the Walt Disney studio worked with Salvador Dali on an animated feature named Destino (Destiny). Due to financial pressures following the war, the project was not completed and remained on...

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