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Russian Moonshot 0

Russian Moonshot

After the Soviet Space Shuttle, here are some details of the original Russian Moon Landing programme. Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

Cygnus Loop Nebula 0

Cygnus Loop Nebula

Taken by NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer in ultraviolet, the  Cygnus Loop Nebula looks like some kind of deep-sea phosphorescent creature.

Cyborg Snail Power! 0

Cyborg Snail Power!

Snails have joined the growing ranks of animals whose own metabolism can be used to generate electricity. The dozen or so brown garden snails crawling around the plastic, moss-filled terrarium in Evgeny Katz’s laboratory...

Australian Spider Invasion 0

Australian Spider Invasion

After the recent severe floods, masses of spiders have been forced to seek new accomodation in and around Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. The normally solitary wolf spiders have congregated in their thousands...

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