Category: Wunderkabinett

A Wunderkabinett is literally a “cabinet of wonders,” It is an exhibition space in which miscellanea and curiosities are gathered together. Without categorization, the exhibits can be explored and enjoyed in their own right.

Phantom Sweet Thrower 0

Phantom Sweet Thrower

Security cameras at the IGA supermarket in Adelaide caught a packet of sweets being thrown after the store had closed and no one was about. The shop owner, Norman Hurst, is convinced that a...

Australian Spider Invasion 0

Australian Spider Invasion

After the recent severe floods, masses of spiders have been forced to seek new accomodation in and around Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. The normally solitary wolf spiders have congregated in their thousands...

‘Face of Jesus’ on Barn Conversion 0

‘Face of Jesus’ on Barn Conversion

Sam Dalby, a self-employed painter and decorator, uncovered a face of Jesus Christ on a wall while working on a barn conversion. The face of Jesus, as uncovered by decorator Sam Dalby Photo: CASCADE The...

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